About Delta Industrial

establishing the standard for quality industrial work

Delta Industrial is celebrating 30 years of success. As a recognized leader in industrial and commercial concrete, Delta Industrial has built a reputation for engineering superior quality finished products. From press pits and machine foundation design and construction, to steel design and fabrication, concrete flatwork and complete contracting, Delta Industrial continues to be the standard for quality industrial work.

Delta Industrial was founded in 1993 by Robert Grucz, who had run his own successful cement company specializing in machine foundations and press pits for 17 years. Delta Industrial began operations in Harrison Township, Michigan with a small, but dedicated staff of twelve people. The company soon outgrew its original location and moved to Clinton Township, Michigan for a year before finally settling into its current location in Chesterfield Township, Michigan in 1999.

A full TSS expansion came just two years later in 2001. And as their reputation for delivering quality steel construction and contracting solutions grew, so did the demand for their fabrication services. They established The Steel Shop in that same year as a separate entity to capitalize on that growing demand.

By 2007, they’d extended their geographical reach to Trussville, Alabama. In 2010, that reach extended farther to Fort Thomas, Kentucky, giving Delta Industrial a strong presence in the southern United States.

Today, Delta Industrial provides complete industrial contracting services to a number of industries including automotive stamping, aerospace, energy, medical and general construction - to name a few. And though the staff is now over 150 strong, they continue to share the same dedication and vision as the original twelve who started the company.

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Delta Industrial 25 Year Timeline

1993 - Delta Concrete established in Harrison Township, Michigan
1998 - Moved to Clinton Township, Michigan
1999 - Moved to current location in Chesterfield, Michigan
2002 - Name Delta Concrete Changed To Delta Industrial
2003 - Added The Steel Shop in Chesterfield Township, Michiga
2007 - Added location in Trussville, Alabama
2010 - Added location in Fort Thomas, Kentucky
2016 - Acquired Laser Screed
1993 Delta Concrete established
1998 moved to Clinton Township
1999 Chesterfiled Michigan
2002 name changed to Delta Industrial
2003 The Steel Shop added
2007 Trussville, Alabama. Gage Products
2008 Copper & Brass, TFO and Titan Tire
2010 Fort Thomas, Kentucky
2016 Acquired laser screed. Schuler and Parpas
2017 Newman and Topre
2018 Thai Summit and FTIC
A&G project
Copper & Brass project
TFO project
Titan Tire project
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Schuler project
Parpas project
Newman project
Topre project
Thai Summit project
FTIC project
Gage Products - 2007

Delta uses innovative process at Gage Products to protect the environment. Click here to learn more.

A&G - 2008

Delta overcomes unstable ground conditions to build a foundation employing a unique construction process. Click here to learn more.

Copper and Brass - 2008

Extensive foundation work completed at the new Copper and Brass manufacturing facility.Click here to learn more.

TFO - 2008

Completes earthquake proof construction project design at TFO enabling completion at half the projected cost.Click here to learn more.

Titan Tire - 2008

Completed construction on a new 220,000+ square foot manufacturing plant for Titan Tire.Click here to learn more.

Wellington Industries - 2008

Reconstruction plan developed using epoxy grout to construct a solid foundation on sand and water soaked soil.Click here to learn more.

Schuler - 2016

A world-class press like Schuler demands nothing less than a top-of-the-line press pit.

Parpas - 2016

A solid machine foundation dampens vibrations to keep machines running steady and with accuracy.

Newman - 2017

Getting the job done ahead of schedule for Newman didn’t mean sacrificing safety.Click here to learn more.

Topre - 2017

Building from the ground up ... all the way up for Topre.Click here to learn more.

Thai Summit - 2018

For the most rugged and robust interior flatwork, Delta was the concrete choice for the Thai Summit project.

FTIC - 2018

For FTIC, Delta did whatever it took to maintain an aggressive schedule.Click here to learn more.

Schuler - 2016

Parpas - 2016

Newman - 2017

Thai Summit - 2018

FTIC - 2018